Welcome to Turner Gear

Why choose The Turner Gear & Engineering Company?  Manufacturer of high-quality gears and transmission components

  • Experienced team of specialised engineers
  • In-house production facilities
  • Comprehensive range of components produced to customer specifications
  • Quick turnaround gears for break down situations

In-house production of the most specialised operations.  Means exacting quality control system guarantees the highest standards at every stage of production.
In house operations include;

  • Gear cutting helical gears and spur gears from 10 mm to 1420 mm
  • Worms and worm wheels to 30" dia (760mm) to 5:1 ratio
  • Bevel gears to 26" dia (660mm)
  • Racks and pinions to 3DP (9 mod)
  • Internal and external splines - straight sided/involute (British, American Continental Specs)
  • Gear grinding to 25" dia (650mm) and 1.5 DP (16 mod)
  • Tooth rounding
  • Special forms generated
  • General machining, turning to 4 foot diameter (1220 mm), milling
  • Precision grinding external and internal and surface grinding
  • Broaching
  • Keyways


Since the business was founded in 1990, Turner Gears have grown to become one of the leading producers and suppliers of gears and precision transmission components in the UK.

The  components manufactured are found in high performance machinery in the aerospace, rail, automotive, motor sport,  marine, steel, gas and oil,  printing and machinery manufacturing industries so quality and reliability are essential - and that's what is provided.
It is understood that in a business environment where competition has never been tougher, value for money is a priority. Without compromising on quality and reliability you can be assured of highly competitive prices.